Friday, May 27, 2011

And the Lapis Lazuli Floor is going in!

We are also working on Draining the roof runoff around the house and down the front yard. we are getting there. More on that soon.

This is another shot of the improved parking area but if you look to the right of the house you will see that we were able to spread a very thick layer of topsoil for your plantings. I hope you like peppers and tomatoes because this close to the house with the reflective white siding this is going to be a great place for them, very sunny and warm! I will not lie to you, someone is going to spend some time in that garden bed pulling out roots!

After Spreading the last of the gravel. We will likely have to improve the parking area further once the project is complete but this will start the draining and drying process and will help it to stay dry in the future.

On top of the sand we spread a layer of road gravel and contoured is so that any surface water would move across the top of the parking and away from the front of the deck.
After installing all the drain tile and the rock we covered it with filter cloth and then a layer of Sand. This will allow not only the water from the uphill seepage to flow out and away but will also collect any water shed from the parking area and direct it away from the house.
This tile was laid with a Y, one section up the wet side of the drive and the other up toward the run off area of the roof.

After ditching we laid a 6" perforated drain tile and covered it with rock.

Notice how deep the skid steer is in the mud. This is what we are trying to get rid of. First, we scooped out all the sloppy material until we got down to something more firm. We then created a ditch across the from of this deck, sloping down hill, across the driveway.

Notice the Sloppy, Muddy mess in the bottom left of this photo. There is seepage from up the hill that has been seeping into this area all spring. This mess extended across the entire deck of the house. In an effort to keep the interior clean, having new floors, and start to dry out the site we needed to address this seepage.

Finally, the decks start going in!